Disrupt with a 'Blockchain Strategy Workshop'

Can a Blockchain Guru Blockchain Strategy Workshop help me change the status quo?

Blockchain Guru is a training company on a mission!  We provide Blockchain training that enhances your teams ability to build the new digital business world.

Our 3-day Blockchain Strategy Workshops are custom tailored to meet the needs of your industry. 

The course begins by providing a basic understanding of Blockchain technology.  Your team will participate and be tested for certification as 'Certified Blockchain Business Foundations' professionals. 

Then we guide your team through several creative break-out sessions.  In these sessions your team will form a vision several high level visions of what is possible with blockchain in your industry.  Finally through a selection process we build the foundation for a business plan for continued evolution and socialization with executives and their colleagues. 

You have spent years developing your teams capability  to exceed your clients needs. Harness their knowledge & energy to build a vision for tomorrow including Blockchain technologies.  

Prepare to Disrupt your industry with our Blockchain Strategy Workshop.

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If you'd like to learn more about our Blockchain Strategy Workshops, reach out directly to our founder - Jon Trask and discuss your desire disrupt your own industry with Blockchain.