Blockchain Consulting

Our Team


Our team is comprised of some of the top blockchain talent in the country.  With years of training, advisory and executive experience we bring the education and experience to guide your team through their blockchain initiatives.

Our strategic relationships with key advisory company's, allow us to put together a combined team with functional expertise and Blockchain Guru's Digital leadership.



Share your vision for how blockchain will change your company or let us guide your team through a digital strategy workshop.

Our team can help you transform vision into reality. From use-case through proof-of-concept; architecture through development; integration through testing; change-management planning through scaled project launch. 

Market Expertise


Our dedicated research team is focused on understanding the players on the Blockchain landscape.  Make-or-buy is a difficult decision with new technology.  

Assessing new technology is our specialty, we've already assessed and partnered with dozens of app developers.  Our proven assessment methodology will help to guide you in making the best decision for your company.

Have a project in mind? Want help refining your vision?

Lets talk about your goals with blockchain.

We love exploring new blockchain projects.  From team based training to complete technology transformation engagements.  We have the team to help you with your digital technology project.  

Blockchain Guru is Blockchain agnostic, why would you pick your Blockchain Protocol before you assess your project needs?  Each Blockchain Protocol performs well only in specific use cases or under specific conditions.

Blockchain Guru